Frequently Asked Questions

Customers from all over the United States take part in the McDVOICE to complain regarding all kinds of issues they are facing to Mcdonald’s Management team. On knowing about these issues and problems, McDonald’s makes sure that the issue is resolved to the earliest. This is one of the biggest reasons that McDonald’s is loved by people not only in the United States but all over the world.


How does McDonald’s decide the lucky winner?

All the feedback received in the McDVOICE Survey will be taken into the lucky draw, and any random person will be selected from that lucky draw set.

How many times can I participate in McDVOICE Survey per month?

You can be a part of the McDVOICE Survey maximum five times in a month.

What is the purpose of conducting the McDVOICE Survey?

The sole purpose of conducting the McDVOICE Survey has helped to enhance the customer satisfaction level on their premises. McDonald’s just want to analyze their services and improve them if needed. McDonald’s wants to deliver the best and McDVOICE is just the best tool for them to be the best.

What is the time limit of claiming the prize after conducting the McDVOICE Survey?

You can claim your rewards within a time frame of 30 days within the completion of the McDVOICE Survey. If you fail to do so, you will be not rewarded in any case.

Is there any way of claiming the rewards without the McDVOICE validation code?

No, it is not possible to claim rewards without the McDVOICE validation code. In fact, McDonald’s can take legal actions on you considering you a fraud. So, be careful!

By mistake, I provided incorrect contact details while conducting the McDVOICE Survey. What next?

In this case, you will be not assigned any reward also if you are the lucky winner. Also, you will not be able to claim free meals from McDonald’s. So, be extremely careful while submitting your contact details.